BitCurator 0.7.4 Now Available

The latest release of the BitCurator environment (0.7.4) is now available on our Release page ( We’re continuing to provide download options on our existing host and via iBiblio. Direct links and MD5 checksums can be found on the Release page.

This release includes the following updates:

– The mounting scripts have been fixed to mount disk images – without asking for authentication – from all locations.
– The desktop now includes a folder named “Shared Folders and Media” that points to the /media directory. When users adds a host shared folder, it will automatically appear in this location with an “sf_”  prefix.
– ClamTK is now linked in the Additional Tools folder.
– The filint tool is also now linked in the Additional Tools folder as a convenience for keeping the VM clean.
– The ficlam scripts, which run ClamAV scans during a fiwalk run, are now in the /Tools/ficlam directory, and there is a slide showing how to run them in the Quickstart guide.
– A dd command-line launcher has been added to the Imaging Tools directory

Our updated Quickstart guide can be found in the Documentation folder on the BitCurator environment desktop.

As with previous releases, this environment is built on a 64-bit version of Ubuntu and may be unstable on certain 32-bit host operating systems, or host hardware with less than 4GB of RAM. Please don’t hesitate to post here if you have questions!