BitCurator Takes Vienna!

Cal and Kam just returned from teaching a one-day workshop at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Vienna, Austria! The workshop was sponsored by the Open Preservation Foundation, which seeks to promote best practices for the long-term preservation of digital cultural heritage materials.

During the workshop, participants were able to gain hands-on experience using BitCurator tools, including our latest developments with BitCurator Access. Participants were encouraged to bring disk images from their own collections, in an effort to present and discuss real-world use cases faced by institutions. The workshop focused on using the BitCurator environment to assist with various aspects of digital curation, including pre-imaging data triage; forensic disk imaging; file system analysis and reporting; identification of private and individually identifying information; and export of technical and other metadata. Workshop participants came from five different European countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.