BitCurator 2.0.0 released

A new production release of BitCurator (2.0.0) is now available at the BitCurator release portal.

You can download the VirtualBox VM and installation ISO directly using the following links:

BitCurator 2.0.0 is the first official Ubuntu 18.04LTS-based release of BitCurator.

  • Desktop performance in the VM significantly improved
  • Various security and power management updates for modern hardware
  • Read-only mount protection for all non-boot devices is disabled by default to reduce commonly reported boot failure issues on installed systems. RO mount protection may still be enabled by selecting the mount status icon in the indicator menu (as in previous releases), but should not be left enabled between boots. Use with caution, or use a hardware write blocker!
  • Attached devices are no longer displayed in the dock (default behavior in Ubuntu 18.04LTS). Since automount remains disabled in BitCurator 2.0.0, you must open a file browser (click “Files” icon in the dock) to view attached devices.

VirtualBox 5.2.16 guest additions are preloaded in the 2.0.0 VM.

Need to find an older 16.04LTS-based release? You can find available releases in the “Release Notes” section of the BitCurator release portal.

Questions? Visit the BitCurator Users Group to speak with members of the community.