BitCurator 2.0.6 released

A new production release of BitCurator (2.0.6) is now available at the BitCurator release portal.

You can download the VirtualBox VM and installation ISO directly using the following links:

BitCurator 2.0.6 fixes several long-standing issues related to environment stability when the environment is installed as a host operating system on single or multi-boot systems.

A couple of the most commonly reported issues with previous BitCurator releases (when installed as a host OS) have been (a) failure to recognize or mount the host OS drive after reboot with read-only enforcement enabled, and (b) the unintuitive/fragile process required to permanently write-enable specific drives installed in the machine other than the boot disk  – drives that are typically used for secondary or working storage.

These issues are addressed in the 2.0.6 release as follows:

  • Fixed a bug in rbfstab that in some cases caused the contents of the file system mount record (fstab) to be lost on reboot due to automatic cleaning of a temporary directory used by rbfstab, and resulting in a black screen (failure to boot to the desktop). In 2.0.6, read-only enforcement remains off by default, but may be enabled and left enabled between reboots after installation.
  • Updated the read-only enforcement tool (rbfstab) to target only USB devices. Secondary storage devices permanently mounted in the host system will no longer be affected, and multi-boot systems (e.g. BitCurator/Windows dual-boot) should now remain stable between reboots. Dialog text for the mount-policy appindicator on the desktop (the red/green disk icon) has been updated to reflect this change. Drive automounting remains disabled in all states, as with previous releases.

VirtualBox 5.2.16 guest additions are preloaded in the 2.0.6 VM.

Need to find an older 16.04LTS-based release? You can find available releases in the “Release Notes” section of the BitCurator release portal.

Questions? Visit the BitCurator Users Group to speak with members of the community.