CurateGear 2013: Enabling the Curation of Digital Collections

CurateGear 2013: Enabling the Curation of Digital Collections

January 9, 2013, 8:00AM-5:00PM
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education

CurateGear 2013 is an interactive day-long event focused on digital curation tools and methods. See demonstrations, hear about the latest developments, and discuss application in professional contexts. This event is sponsored by Institute of Museum and Library Services, University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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CurateGear 2013 Agenda

Symposium Speakers

Jonathan Crabtree, Odum Institute for Research in Social Science
Mark Evans, Tessella
Lisa Gregory, State Library of North Carolina
Barbara Guttman, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Carolyn Hank, McGill University
Chien-Yi Hou, University of North Carolina
Greg Jansen, UNC Libraries
Leslie Johnston, Library of Congress
Cal Lee, University of North Carolina
Jerry McDonough, University of Illinois
Nancy McGovern, MIT Libraries
Richard Marciano, University of North Carolina
Mark Matienzo, Yale University
Courtney Mumma, Artefactual Systems
Trevor Owens, Library of Congress
David Pearson, National Library of Australia
Doug Reside, New York Public Library
Ryan Scherle, Duke University
Seth Shaw, University Archives, Duke University
Katherine Skinner, Educopia Institute
Mike Thuman, Tessella
Helen Tibbo, University of North Carolina
William Underwood, Georgia Tech
Bram van der Werf, Executive Director, Open Planets Foundation
Doug White, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Kam Woods, University of North Carolina

BitCurator 0.1.5 released

We’ve released BitCurator 0.1.5, which you can find on the Release page.

BitCurator 0.1.5 is an upgrade/maintenance release as we prepare to add reporting functionality in the next few weeks. Early reporting functionality will appear in 0.2, currently scheduled for mid-October. The current maintenance release includes updates to bulk extractor, scripting fixes for live data triage in Nautilus, and security patches.

Note that the virtual machine is now packaged as a .tar.gz file. Windows users will need a 3rd party file archiving utility such as 7zip to extract the VM.

Digital Forensics XML and Standardization

Wondering what the future of Digital Forensics XML looks like? You can find recent work by NIST at (with a draft schema from based on the original spec for fileobjects at You can also find ongoing work as part of CyBOX at MITRE at

BitCurator depends on DFXML output when producing reports on private and personally identifying information, disk and file formats and organization. As part of our commitment to identifying and implementing ways in which DFXML can be used to enhance the description of and provenance records associated with archival born-digital materials, we’ve joined in a discussion with NIST, MITRE, and other interested parties on the future of standards-compliant DFXML.