BitCurator Consortium Launches!

The Educopia Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the BitCurator Consortium (BCC), a new independent, community-led membership association to support the curation of born-digital materials by libraries, archives, and museums. Members of the BitCurator user community have founded BCC to enhance, promote, and explore this growing area of professional activity. “Managing born-digital acquisitions … >>

Call for Proposals: BitCurator On-Site Visit and Training

The BitCurator project has funds for a limited number of on-site BitCurator training and workshop visits. We are requesting proposals from collecting institutions (libraries, museums, and archives) who are interested in having a member of the BitCurator team visit their institution to conduct a workshop and/or provide hands-on training for archivists currently working with born-digital … >>

BitCurator 0.7.0 Now Available

The latest release of the BitCurator environment (0.7.0) is now available at our wiki ( We’re continuing to provide download options on our existing host and via iBiblio. Direct links and MD5 checksums can be found on the wiki, or you can follow the links below: (the Virtual Machine – 2.5GB) (the Installation … >>