BitCurator 0.4.0 Release

Announcing BitCurator version 0.4.0!

BitCurator 0.4.0 includes significant improvements in the processing times required to analyze a forensics disk image. In addition, the BitCurator Reporting Tool interface has been updated to be more intuitive and now includes a “Run All” option that will generate DFXML outputs, annotate Bulk Extractor features, and create the BitCurator human and machine readable reports all as one action.

We invite you to download the latest BitCurator release, either as a virtual machine or installable ISO image, from the Release page, where you can also find documentation and a link to our BitCurator users group.

BitCurator 0.4.0 Change Log:

  • Bitcurator Reporting Tool and GUI now includes “Run All” tab. This provides a link to launch BEViewer, and a single form in which fiwalk, the annotation tool, and the reporting tools can be run.
  • Significant performance improvements in Bulk Extractor, fiwalk, and the BitCurator reports generation.
  • Excel report generation now handled by XlsxWriter 0.4.3; major performance improvements.
  • Bulk extractor updated to 1.4.1. Bug fixes and UI enhancements in BEViewer.
  • Sleuthkit updated to 4.1.2.
  • BitCurator report configuration (install location: /etc/bitcurator/bc-report-config.txt) updated to automatically report on system files. Various bug fixes.